Noble R. Don Terrel - 2017

Message for: March 2017

Nobles we had an excellent "Supper Bowl Party" last month. A hugh "Thanks" to Calvin Gamble, John Thompson, Fred Austin, Jay Elliot and all the ones that kept the food comming. they did a great job and saved a lot of money. I would be remiss if I didn't give our gaming commissioner, Thad Sandusky P.P. who kept the fun and games going all afternoon. It was truly a wonderful day. In keeping with our commitment to "Membership Development", we awarded six Jewels of India to Nobles who brought prospects to either the East West Shrine Bowl Party or to the Super Bowl Party. We'll be having more Membership Development Opportunity events as the year goes on, so keep an eye out for them. Hopefully these prospects that did attend will have had an enjoyable time and will end up petitioning a lodge soon.

CIRCUS! CIRCUS! CIRCUS! The Circus is this month, March 23 - 26th. We need everyone to be involved. The India Shrine Circus is the most important fund raiser that we hold And success is crucial. The proceeds from the Circus provide about 70% of the funds needed to operate India Temple. If it wasn't for Circus income our dues would have to be about $300 a head. We all know how well that would go over! Whether you belong to a Club or a Unit or neither, even if you are not particularly active at India, there ars plenty of places we can use you at the Circus. The Thursday and Friday morning shows have buses and patrons in wheelchairs that must be unloaded and rolled in. This takes a lot of Man Power. Your help would be most appreciated!

A "Big Tip of the Fez" and thank you to the Cruser's Unit of India for purchasing the new chairs for the Men's Lounge. These were badly needed and will make a great addition to the lounge..

Nobles, on April 20th, we are having the Potentates Ball and I would really like to see a big turnout for this. This is one of the major events of the year and I would be most honored if you would join us. Tickets are available through the Shrine Officce.

DATE CHANGE: Nobles we have had to move the Spring Ceremonial up a week in order to participate in the Del City Parade, which is May 13th. The Ring Candidate Dance is on Friday Night the 12th. be sure to inform your candidates about that in case they want to "Run for the Ring". As we have avoided holding Cold Sands this year, we are expecting a good size class, but that's up to you. Get those Petitions in and get them in to the office right away.

Let's all work together to build a better, stronger India Shrine in 2017.

Yours In The Faith,

R. Don Terrel - Potentate 2017

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